Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons Building Monsters Cards, Encounters and Traps

Dungeons and Dragons Building Monsters Cards, Encounters and Traps

to help with D&D Gameplay with monster builders, encounter and campaign trackers, magic powers, and magic item cards. How Over 743 GM's Use 6 Powerful Tools For Running Paperless RPGs, From The Comfort of Their Lap Tops. You struggle to make encounters, traps, powers, and magic weapons.

You wish there was a better Dungeons & Dragons method of GMing than pencil and paper. You'd love a more organized, interactive, web 2.0 solution.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Cards, Encounters and Traps Search, Download, Copy, Edit and Export over 565+ monsters made by other GM's who are already using the tool suite.

Create your own D&D monster cards from scratch using simple plug and play forms that generate cards for you.

The Encounters Tool Overview: Group together D&D Building monsters and traps so you have all the information about a specific encounter on one screen.

Create and save new Dungeons and Dragons encounters, then return later to edit or reference when you start your next D&D game. Easily jump from one encounter screen to another without shuffling through a stack of paper to do so.

Share your D&D monsters with other users, and even let them edit the monster to fit their own campaigns without having to start from scratch building a new monster.

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