Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cafe World Commercial Facebook Parody #3 | CW Restaurant

CAFE WORLD Commercial Facebook Parody #3. Maintaining a High Buzz Rating. Success in CW game largely depends on your restaurant's Buzz Rating in the game. Cafeworld cash point glitch. The Buzz Rating sits at the top right hand side of the screen, and is a measure of your game restaurant's fame. Cafe World Secrets Guide - The Newest Facebook App Craze. The higher the number, the more people will pile into your game restaurant at the same time, turning up the heat on your profit potential.

Buzz rating is based on your customers experiences at your game restaurant. If a customer has a good experince your buzz rating will go up. However if one of your customers has a bad experince which can happen a few different, your buzz rating will go down. Good Cafe World customer experinces are caused by only one variable; if a customer pays for his or her food it means they have had a good experince resulting in your buzz rating going up by 0.1. You buzz rating will only ever increase by 0.1 and has nothing to do with the dish being served or how fast it was served to the customer. Cafe World walkthrough. Bad customer experinces on the other hand can occur for multiple reasons all resulting in you losing buzz rating. If a customer walks into your cafe and has to wait too long for a seat they will leave your game causing your cafe to lose some of its buzz. If a customer takes a seat and has to wait to long to be served they will also leave having a Cafe World bad experince and will leave you with a lower buzz.

If you are able to keep your customers happy your buzz rating will go up and your game will be flooded with hungry customers. Cafe World Secrets Guide - The Newest Facebook App Craze  Commercial Facebook; Do You Really Need a Guide For your game? I consider myself to be relatively well educated in the latest generation of social networking site games like Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, Farmville and such. That's why when I saw a this game Guide kind of surprised why people might need some tips to get going in CW games like Mafia Wars. At this point though I hadn't actually played the game, but I didn't really think it could be all that Cafe World Game complicated. I figured I should give it a shot though, just so that I could say I knew what I was talking about. And I was in for a rather big surprise. In no time, I was out of money had no customers and my Cafe restaurant was a mess. I have to admit, there way more to this CW game than I had anticipated.

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