Sunday, February 26, 2012

Battlefield 3 Weapons Customization | Campaign Walkthroughs

Battlefield 3 Weapons Customization, Campaign Walkthroughs 

 Map game Strategies Knowing the Map Knowing the maps in Battlefield 3 game is critical for success. Knowing how to engage a certain area, where opponents camp or the best routes on each map will play a deciding role in achieving victory.

Map Details; We break down each map with detailed icons and information so you understand the full layout of the map and know where to watch out for enemy BF3 game players and how to engage each area.

Battlefield 3 Weapons Customization, Campaign Walkthroughs Guide
Free DLC Updates and DICE releases multiple DLCs for Battlefield
, with each one adding new maps and strategies to go with each map.

All members receive free updates to all present and future DLCs for Battlefield 3 Game. BF3 Awards; Unlock all the multiplayer and campaign modes and Game Awards and Dog Tags with our detailed Award Guide.

Campaign Walkthroughs Guide; While I think we all bought BF3 to play online competitive multiplayer, it is fun playing game through the campaign. The Weapons Customization Guide takes you through each mission with detailed video instructions.

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