Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Best Scrabble Words Ever | Bonus/Bingo Scrabble Words

The Best Scrabble Words Ever and Bonus/Bingo Words

Know which are the six most versatile letters the Six Magic Letters for forming multiple words in almost every Scrabble Bonus Word game you play. Know when to use them, and when to hold them. Know why they are magic letters. Know the difference between a Magic Letter and a Wildcard letter, and know how many of each you want.

Understand how to balance your Bonus Word rack to maximize your game 50 extra points bonus/bingo word opportunities. Have solid guidelines to follow when you need to trade in any tiles. Know the quickest way to fast-track a blank tile into fifty extra points words.

Best Scrabble Words Ever Techniques
Have the powerful keys to unlock the risk verses reward decisions you need to make in every Scrabble bonus word game. Develop your game memory skills to be able to mentally recall the 1,315 easiest and most common bonus/bingo Scrabble word possibilities.

Increase your vocabulary of official game dictionary words of seven and eight letters. Hold startling knowledge of how to double your chances of scoring a 50 extra points bonus/bingo Scrabble word from the suffix ~ing.

Know every possible opportunity of combining a power tile (J, Q, X or Z) with the Magic Letters. Make bonus/bingo words all the faster by knowing the most frequent first letters and the most frequent last letter.

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