Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Star Trek Online | Trailer & Mastery Leveling Guide

Star Trek Online, Trailer & Mastery Guide 

 is a complete strategy guide for STO containing proven tips, tricks, info and game strategies. A Complete Blueprint To Dominating The STO game Universe.

This is a unique guide teaching you everything you need to know about game and more. This guide is perfect for any kind of Star Trek player regardless of play style, career choice or ship preference.

If you did not even choose which career you want to play STO Online Mastery will help you even with that. Star Trek Online Mastery Leveling Guide;

Stop grinding STO game missions with low yields and find out which ones are best to gain equipment and Skill Points and Energy Credits. Broken down various types of missions in Star Trek Online game and give you invaluable info which will cut down your STO game leveling time in half.

Career Guide; Find out the differences of Science and Engineering and Tactical your game characters and choose the one which best fits your play style Star Trek Online Professions Guide;

Clueless as to what professions do in Online? You will love this part. Star Trek Online Professions & Traits Guide All available traits is a definite must read before creating your first STO game character.
 Comes with recommendations on best traits for Federation, Klingons and custom races. Forget about everything you think you know about ships and find out the simple truth in this Guide.

Also includes recommendation on best ships, details about ship weaponry, defenses and more.

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