Saturday, February 25, 2012

Casual Planeswalkers Magic Strategy

Casual Planeswalkers Magic Strategy

The fun while creating a place for new and casual game players to work on this deck building and playing CPW skills, without the judgment and pressure that comes from competitive environments.

There are other Casual planeswalkers Magic strategy sites and even some ebooks telling you tons of stuff about every $400 dollar deck and detailed mana curve analysis under the sun, but nothing

seemed to tell us the in-depth information in a way that we could understand and still think of Magic as fun. Plus, we did not want to have to be millionaires just to be good at Magic. The Casual Planeswalkers Magic Strategy

You missed one of the core elements of deckbuilding and made one of the most overlooked mistakes in Casual Planeswalkers Magic. This little blunder took you from the hall of heroes straight to the hall of shame.

Your next deck does not have to end in game tragedy. In fact, it can end in a night of countless victories. That is exactly why created The Casual Planeswalker’s Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding.

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