Sunday, October 31, 2010

War Of Warcraft 2011 | Cataclysmic Wow Gold Secrets Exposed

War Of Warcraft 2011, Cataclysmic Wow Gold Secrets Exposed
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Cataclysmic World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Exposed

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Play Chess | The Dynamic Chess Training Course

How to play Chess,

using computer graphics of a game board to illustrate the rules.

The program used is Zillions of Games, which is capable of playing many different puzzles, 

The Dynamic Chess Training Course variants, and abstract strategy board games, including new ones designed by users.

The Dynamic Chess Course

Because it allowed me to graphics and customized Chess game tutorial script, and it has a very user your friendly interface.

This Course For Trainer Grandmasters.  

The Dynamic Chess Training Course I made the pieces from Armando Marroquin's Chess Magnetic font and the board from photographs of wood samples.

For a written description of the rules of game. The Dynamic Training Course.