Saturday, February 1, 2014

World of Warcraft Keybind Guide & Macros Addon

World of Warcraft Keybind & Macros Addon

Every Class and Spec Covered Just load the character you want to set up, click the IMPULSE button on your Manacore hub, and the software will detect your class and spec. World Of Warcraft Walkthrough Guide.
 No configuration needed, and we guarantee you’ll never get keybinds that are useless for your role.

 Instantly Setup Your Keybinds & Macros Like a Pro and Drastically Improve Your Performance.
 Intuitive, Easy to Learn Setup IMPULSE is as user-friendly as it gets, with similar abilities assigned to familiar keys so that you can easily commit every bind to muscle memory.
 Each keybind has been assigned by our expert developers to maximize potential in a given spec while still remaining simple to learn and remember.
Over 36 Binds For Every Role While the basic setup might grant you a maximum of 12 keybinds, IMPULSE generates at least 36 keybinds for every spec from Protection Warriors to Frost Mages. 
The most-used spells and abilities are always bound on keys that are easy to reach. World Of Warcraft Fishing Guide, Other abilities including cooldowns and utility are also bound so you can quickly adapt to a click-free setup.

The Best Macros At Your Fingertips Macros are key to efficient gameplay, freeing up space on your keyboard and keeping you focused on the action.

World Of Warcraft Priest Leveling Guide From the crucial healer mouseover macros to stance-change utility and vital focus crowd control, impulse pre-loads only the best macros, tested and perfected for your needs.

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