Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chess Game Tactics Videos & Ebooks

Grandmaster Chess Game Tactics Videos and Ebooks

Deflection is a very important tactic that comes up a lot in chess games.

Imagine being able to confidently sit down at the chessboard, knowing that you are prepared with years of tested strategies to defeat your opponent. 29 Videos of Opening Strategies.

Mid and End Chess Game Strategies, Winning Moves and Positions. Sit back as this strategy guide you, step-by-step through hundreds of winning moves and Chess game tactics and Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library.

It is greatest gold-mine of time tested, winning game strategies ever crammed into one product. Specifically, it contains 29 Videos and 14 ebooks 2,213 pages Instruction for the price of a single tips book at the bookstore.   

Grandmaster Chess Tactics Videos & Ebooks; Find out Killer ways to set up your game opening properly to prepare for middle and end Chess game tactics. Discover essential strategies for how to effectively use Pawn Structure in the game Opening. Some of these could make or break your Chess game.

Which pawn is always essential to defend in the opening, find out on page 40 of ebook volume 2. Find out when to streng then your defense and when to your game attack, plan and the ideas that are hidden in the position.

Discover an extremely common mistake that developing game players repeatedly make in their attacks without realizing it.

What makes such a beautiful game. This mistake can quickly destroy your entire Chess game from the very beginning, and you may be making it more than you realize.

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