Sunday, March 6, 2011

Secrets World of Warcraft Schools | Let's Play WoW Level 1 Gameplay

Secrets World of Warcraft Schools, Let's Play WoW Level 1 Gameplay
Part 1 is finally here. Sorry the video quality isn't the best. I recorded in Half size screen instead of full screen size for the first few parts. I will fix it if you guys are annoyed by it. If the series gets boring or disliked by people I will axe it, 'cause otherwise it's a huge job. How to reach wow gold cap with only a single level 1 character. Secrets World of Warcraft Schools What to do and what not to do if you want to make wow gold. The secrets to optimizing your game environment to make more gold. How to make gold with a brand new wow game character in only a few minutes. How to find instant and guaranteed game profits on your auction house with a few clicks. How to determine the best time of day and week to buy and sell certain items. How to automatically cancel and post hundreds of auctions with the perfect prices with the click of a few buttons.

Secrets World of Warcraft School

How to ensure you will make as much wow gold as possible by properly pricing items you post on the auction house. How to always know the right price to buy and sell an item for, including how to receive instant notificationwhen an item hits a certain price. The World of warcraft game details of doing cross faction trading to take advantage of the most lucrative World of Warcraft Game gold making opportunities. How to detect and capitalize on big changes to the Wow game before and after they happen. How to use trade chat and pricene gotiating skills to make even more wow gold from the people you trade with.


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