Friday, January 31, 2014

Wow Gold Guide Addon & Leveling Guide

The Crafting Module will list the highest profitable items to craft on your server. The addon calculates how much all the mats for each crafted item costs on your server then subtracts that from the average sale price of the crafted item to tell you how much profit you will make from it. Crafting items can make you huge profits you just need to have updated info on which items will give you the most profit. Gathering Module.

 The Gathering Module analyzes all your server data to list the most profitable items to gather. It will show you which items are “Hot” that week on the auction house that will allow you to make the most gold per hour. Using this module will allow you to make 2-3x more gold then you normally would from gathering.

1-70 wow leveling guide The Gathering Module also shows you the most optimized gathering route on your map for all ores, herbs, skins, and other gathered materials.
Gathering Shopping Cart The Shopping Cart feature allows you to easily add items you wish to craft or buy from the auction house to resell for a profit.

This allows you to make instant profits with just a few clicks of your mouse. It displays what item you need to buy and how many of them. Once something is added to the shopping cart, simply shift-click it to search for it in the Auction House.  

Gold While Leveling Gathering The Gold Guide Addon is 100% compatible with the X-Elerated Leveling Guides so you can make tons of gold while you power level your characters to lvl 90. Our Gold and Leveling addons work great for building powerful characters from scratch, you will get to max level in a flash and have tons of gold to deck your character out in epics.

The Auction House Module finds underpriced items on the AH and lists them for you along with the average profit you will make from each item. This allows you to purchase items at low prices and resell them for huge profits. You can consistently make tens of thousands of gold every day by just running a scan and buying up all the low priced items.

You can also instantly make HUGE profits from a seller who mistakenly posted an epic item for 1,000g rather than 10,000g, making you a profit of 9,000g in less than a second! Farming Module Gathering The Farming Module lists the most profitable items to farm from mobs.

This list is always changing based on what items are currently selling for on your server. Wow gold farming tips With the X-Elerated Gold Guide Addon you will always be kept up to date on which grinding spots will make the most gold per hour. You won’t have to wait till the spot is already well known on your server and packed with other people over farming that location.

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