Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pet Society Carreracoin Hack by Patiniox | First And Original Pet Society Guide

Pet Society Carreracoin Hack by patiniox. Playfish cash cheats; First And Original PS game Guide For Facebook. Mastering the Different  Sports. Facebook Ps game Tips for the Frisbee; The same holds true for the Frisbee, except this one is absolutely vital that you have a small house for.

First and Original Pet Society Guide

The Frisbee travels faster and is smaller, so it is harder to click on if your reflexes are not top notch. PetSociety Playfish cash point glitch. Make sure to have as little space as possible and you’ll be okay though. Tips for the Jump Rope; The jump rope is a tough one to master if you’re not careful because the game gives you almost no time to react to the red line that pops up telling you to jump. First And Original Pet Society Guide For Facebook So, instead of relying on that line, look for the rope to pass over the pet’s eyebrows. When it gets to that point, click the rope to jump and by the time the reaction gets through you should be good. Your own reaction time may be faster or slower, so if this doesn’t work for you, adjust as necessary, making sure to find a good visual reference point to keep your rhythm going. As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can do in your game, not the least of which are the Pet Society game sports.

Pet Society Secrets Guide Book

These sports will allow you to have fun with your pet, engage with a variety of different fun actions and to gain much needed Paw Points with easily repeated actions that won’t max out each day. If you’re bored enough or are good with the Pet Society ball or Frisbee, you can reach the top levels in no time flat, just playing Facebook PS game sports. Pet Society Playfish cash cheats;  The Fastest Route to Leveling Up in PS game. When you get started, you think you can make it to the top in just a few short days, but once you get to around level 10, the speed drops off sharply and you quickly find that leveling up in your game is not only tough, it is extremely time consuming. First And Original Pet Society Guide For Facebook So, it is important to know every way in which you can gain Paw Points, the de facto experience markers in this PS game. If you can load up on enough of these points, you’ll b able to quickly rise to the top of the game without wasting a large chunk of time in the process. How Pet Society Leveling in Works Leveling is based on Paw Points, which you gain for just about everything you do in the PS game. You will get Paw Points for every time you feed your pet, every time you increase cleanliness or happiness with cleaning and petting, for every time you do 5 ball tosses, Frisbee throws, or jump ropes in a row, and anytime you buy items. Like any good Facebook game has a vicious leveling curve that can be incredibly deceiving.


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