Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pet Society : Be The Mayor + Extra Stuff | Experience Points Guide Pdf Book

Pet Society : Be The Mayor + Extra Stuff. Experience Points Guide Pdf Book. This is just to take photos . you will not own the fake items and your friends will not see you as the mayor. This is not cheat it is only for fun. Steps 1: download the following swf files    Or
Step 2: Use Fiddler 2 to change the following swf when loading the game autoResponder.
pets_assets.swf, pets_assets2.swf, pets_assets3.swf, pets_assets4.swf     each with its corresponding file       xxx_pet_assetsX.swf
step 3: Clean the Cache and reload
Step 4: Change your self to the mayor and surprise your friends
go to Styleist Original Pet Society Secrets Guide Book For Facebook. This is the original best selling secrets guide book for Facebook PS that has been in publication for over 6 months with thousands of copies in the hands of PS game lovers just like you. In this exclusive and detailed Pet Society Guide Ebook Pdf format all the farming secrets discovered in entire time playing game.

Pet Society Experience Points Guide Pdf Book

 First And Original Pet Society Guide For Facebook. The Fastest Route to your game Leveling Up in Pet Society. This isbased on the value of the gift you send, so this gets expensive, but you also gain Paw Points for buying those items, so you can double your points by Pet Society buying and then giving away any items from the shops. Once you get the hang of gathering Paw Points as quickly as possible, leveling up in PetSociety is going to be one of those processes that comes as second nature. And the best Facebook PS game part is that, unlike making coins, you won’t need toworry about doing it forever. Pet Society experience points guide Pdf Book. Once you reach your PS game Game Level 47, everything caps out and you cannot facebook PS game level up any further. In short,you will be able to find a good stopping point and just wait there as you move your way up the charts. It is simple, it is Fast and it works extremely well. Just make sure to logon each day.


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