Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Aquarium XP Cheat | Facebook

Happy Aquarium XP Cheat, Facebook.
1. open charles and game
2. train any fish you must collect coins to get more
3. when you complete game training go back in Charles, you will see this line
4. expand it, then expand "comm" and then expand "trials_finish.php" if you failed a few times, there may be more "trails_finish.php , select the last one
5. right click on it and select repeat advanced, type in 100000 for iterations and 5 for concurrency.
6. keep refreshing to get coins, exp and food.
Happy Aquarium Secrets & First And Original Guide. With every Facebook game, there are a variety of details that game Players need to focus on that will make or break their game play style. With your aquarium game, those very details are going to be a tremendously important factory when you start creating long term your game strategies. First And Original Happy Aquarium Guide In particular, the fish in your game will be very important to how your aquarium game progresses and how effective you are at making yourself into a high level game player.

Happy Aquarium Cheat Secrets Guide

If you are serious about being one of the gurus of Happy Aquarium, the first step in the process is to develop a good lineup of fish to raise and then how long to raise, train, and mate them for. Choosing the Right Fish in Happy Aquarium Game Secrets Guide To start with, you need to develop a good schedule to help yourself in the your game. If you know you can only be online every twelve hours, it will not do you any good to choose the six and eight hour fish that will need to be fed more often. However, if you choose the higher Facebook Happy Aquarium game level fish, you need to be aware that you still need to logon to feed them occasionally. A three day fish is not going to be ready to go in 72 hours if you only feed them once. Choosing the Right Fish in Happy Aquarium game. The best way to handle these situations then is to either buying the three day feeders and use them to maintain a grouping of three day fish every week or to establish a feeding schedule that will allow you to jump onto the your Game once or twice a day to get in there and feed your aquarium fish.


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