Monday, January 30, 2012

Aion Legion Pvp | Legion's Aion Class and Title Guide

Aion Legion Pvp, Class and Title Guide. Thats a little part of what we frapsed this week , we are SaT from the server infinite aion , playing on greed server. Yea we know , we just killed carebears. Its hard to find elyos in group if they are not in instances. Legion's Aion Class Guide; Detailed information on each class guide will go over which armor and weapons each class can use, Divine Points DP and what each class can do with their points, type of gear and which is best for you.

Legion's Aion Gear Enhancements; Learn how to improve your gear so you can dominate in PvP. We'll go over manastones, enchantment stones, and godstones. This god stone guide will detail every available godstone and what they do for your weapons. Legion's Aion Title Guide; Fluent in Balaur, After completing certain quests, you are rewarded a title that helps to boost your stats. Aion has over 50 titles that you can receive from quest completion. Use this detailed title to know which quests to finish to get the title that is just right for you. Both, Asmodian and Elyos titles are included.


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