Monday, January 30, 2012

Aion Guide: Forsaken Plains | Promotion Trailer

Made a promotion trailer for this Aion "Forsaken Plains". Kinah Aion Guide; Your source for information on game leveling, professions, Aion game Kinah and Aion game Classes. Tower of Eternity Guides, One frustrating part of game is how damn expensive everything is.

Complete Aion Mastery 1-50 Level and Gold Guide

It costs to heal yourself after you die, it costs to fly or teleport from town to town, it costs to buy skills, etc. If you've ever played World of Warcraft game, then you'll notice the difference right away Aion is expensive. We'll show you how to make money to keep you in the best gear at every Kinah Aion level Stigma Stones Explained Guide; Confused about what Stigma Stones are? Don't know how to equip them or where to go? We'll cover Stigma Stones so you won't be left in the dark. Stigma stones are a unique way to tailor your Kinah Aion game skill build. In WoW, you are able to pick different talent trees Aion uses Stigmas instead. You'll want to understand these or you'll be seriously out matched. This Guide is the result of many Aion masters coming together and creating a Aion advanced methods packed with everything they know about Aion game: The Tower of Eternity.


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