Wednesday, May 11, 2011

World of Warcraft Pros: Low Level Legends

World of Warcraft: Low Level Legends: The Wolf War by Wowcrendor.
Two low level gnomes obtain a difficult quest to slay wolves. One is thrilled at the opportunity, but the other has his doubts. World of Warcraft Pros Epic narration by Worgen Freeman. This is probably my biggest issue with WoW game it is not a problem with the game itself. WOW game ProAfter 7 times through with different characters, I’m dead tired of starting overand it’s even worse with new classes. Which is why a product like the one over at WarcraftPros website had me all sorts of excited.

If you’ve read any otherWorld of Warcraf Pros class guides before, you know they usually don’t offer much I’ve seen world of warcraft game secrets guides that provide a decent amount of information about the talentsand others that spend twenty pages on race selection, but none of them really touch on everything you need to know for the World of Warcraft class and stillleave me wondering what I should be leveling up at twenty and where to look for gear at thirty.

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